What we do...

Debt Collection

We issue proceedings for recovery of outstanding accounts through the Petty Debts and Royal Courts of Jersey.  Representation of corporate clients is by means of mandate and individual and professional creditors by deed of assignment. 

If a judgment is obtained but proves to be irrecoverable, a disbursement charge is payable by the client to cover costs incurred by Cashback Limited.  A judgment is valid for ten years in Jersey and if new information comes to light which enables full collection at a later date, all costs would be reclaimed from the debtor and any charges raised are refunded to the creditor upon completion of full payment of the judgment.

If a debtor disputes an action in Court, a mediation hearing is normally arranged between the parties to try to resolve the matter.  Cashback Limited would reserve the right to charge fees for time spent in preparing documentation for Court and appearance at the mediation and any subsequent hearings.


Other Services

Credit Checking

We are able to utilise the excellent database provided by Channel Island Data Services in Guernsey to obtain credit checks on individuals and companies based in the Channel Islands at a fixed fee of £10.00 per name.  Credit checks on individuals from the United Kingdom are available from £20.00 per name.

We also work closely with Experian for credit checks on U.K. companies.  Whilst these are currently priced at £40.00, these give very full details of directorships, financial position and credit ratings which can prove invaluable when a Jersey client is considering offering credit to non-resident companies.

Judgment Reports

Cashback Limited offer a judgment information service whereby details of judgments obtained in Petty Debts or Royal Court are sent to subscribing clients on a weekly basis giving an “up to the minute” list of judgments.  Please contact our office for further details.

Debtor Tracing

We are able to offer debtor tracing services.

Please contact our office for further details of any of the above or for full terms and conditions.

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